Summer Solace Tallow is a product line of ethical, sustainable, deeply nourishing, and organic tallow-based skincare and home goods, established in May 2014 by Megan Bre Camp.

As a Bay Area cook and organic gardener born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, I am passionate about sustainable living. My family comes from an indigenous background; they are native to the Central Highlands of Vietnam and the countryside in the Philippines. They instilled in me a deep closeness with nature, respect for animals and the environment and a love of cooking.

Whether preparing seasonally and locally grown foods, or sourcing ingredients from local farmers and fellow artisans, I am dedicated to reviving traditional techniques in all facets of my work. I call my work a Slow Body Care Movement™. I practice zero-waste and sustainable living by using all parts of the pasture-raised animal, using locally sourced and organic ingredients at all times, celebrate my region's Seasons, and choosing natural over expediency.

I obtain grass-fed beef suet from local family farms which I render into buttery tallow that is infused with organic Calendula, then combined with the award-winning California olive oil grown by the Yoche Dehe Wintun Nation. This blend becomes the nourishing and soothing base for my products. Not content to just produce an effective moisturizer from local ingredients for children and adults, I spent time blending essential oils from Grass Valley, California and wildcrafted Absolutes, to produce evocative and unique scent profiles for each of my balms, soaps, and candles which are both pleasing and aromatherapeutic.

Our skin-softening tallow soaps are truly exquisite experience to the senses. The feel of each bar is hardy yet luxurious, the scent is subtle and enticing, the sight is rustic, old-worldly and familiar. We make our soaps in a Southern French Style, meaning we add local Northern California Sea Salt from Monterey into our small batch floral water then, like a fine wine or cheese, cure each bar well for over 6 months in a temperature-controlled room, thus creating a soothing soap that is long-lasting.

Ingredients from the area like burr-ground Single Origin coffee from Tartine Manufactory in San Francisco, Bladderwrack Seaweed harvested after a Full Moon or New Moon when the tide is low from Mendocino, Activated Charcoal from Organic Coconut Shells, and Lavender that is grown in the fields of Sonoma, make each bar unique.

I call our tallow candles Holistic because once you create a flame from lighting the organic, eco-wick, the tallow wax begins to melt into a gorgeous golden oil and the warmth and glow from the candle emits into the intimate atmosphere. We use unfiltered beeswax from our hives, tallow infused with Calendula, organic essential oils, herbs, and Lapsang Souchong Black Tea. This is a healing candle that adds energy, light, and life into any space.

I studied Culinary Arts at the University of Alaska Anchorage, Horticulture and Permaculture at Merritt College in Oakland, California, managed and cooked in various kitchens in the Bay Area including Standard Fare, Three Stone Hearth and produced fine French confections as a Chocolatier. In my spare time, I am a cook, photographer, a self-taught natural perfumer, an avid organic gardener, beekeeper, a producer and member of Fibershed, a proud mother of my toddler daughter Ulrikke, and a loving wife to my husband Brian.

Photos by H. Jones, San Francisco, CA.