By Hand Serial Lookbook 13: Northern California issue

Summer Solace Tallow

By Hand Serial Lookbook 13: Northern California issue

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Lookbook #13: Northern California

Begin this cycle’s journey along the Southern Oregon coast, just north of the California border, with views of the rugged, rocky coastline. Drive Highway 101--one of North America’s most iconic, scenic routes--documenting spectacular sights in the many national parks, recreational areas, and pull-outs along the way. Hug the coastline and turn into dappled patches of winding redwood forest, emerging again to seascape and glittering sunshine.

The furthest point on our map, San Francisco greets readers with unusually quiet streets, candy-colored neighborhoods, hidden mosaic stairways, and lush parks. Explore exquisite offerings from the city’s must-stop shops in Berkeley, Oakland, and throughout the bay area.

After San Francisco, escape to the sunshine of Napa Valley. Brilliantly green vineyards, golden fields of sunflowers, and shimmering silver olive groves provide the background for the last leg of our trip.

We’re kicking off our fifth book cycle with a lush, colorful volume that will help readers escape the everyday into the dreamy, misty, and vibrant landscape of Northern California.

 Patterns & Projects

Lookbook #13 features a variety of new projects and patterns, from our in-house team and from some special guest designers. With four knitting patterns, four sewing patterns, and one crafting (polymer clay) project, ideas abound in this book’s colorful pages.

Features, Interviews & Experiences

As with our more recent books, Lookbook #13 focuses on not only noteworthy makers and artisans throughout the region, but also investigates and suggests potential experiences that can round out any trip to Northern California.

A Verb for Keeping Warm Avenue Yarns
Black Rock Ranch
Black Squirrel

Fiber Circle Studio
Heath Ceramics
San Francisco Farmer’s Market Sincere Sheep
Stonemountain & Daughter Summer Solace Tallow