Summer Solace Tallow


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Not all who wander are lost . . .

We were lucky enough to come across a roll of 13.5 oz deadstock colorganic® raw denim woven years ago at a mill in Japan and eco-dyed with a combination of steps including primarily natural indigo and low-impact dyed indigo. The warp is indigo and the weft is Sally Fox's "coyote" brown. The overall appearance of this fabric is a very deep shade of indigo but looking closely, you can see Sally's "coyote" color shining through in every bit of the weave, making this hat a perfect pairing with any of our colorganic® brown pieces.

This hat has no cardboard or plastic inserts, so you can fold/wash/roll it until your heart is content 

— perfect for the itinerant wanderer

— this durable hat will likely be passed down, perhaps even more than seven generations.

Sewn from two layers of raw denim, this hat is very stiff, to begin with, but softens with just a single wash. Neither is better or worse — just a feature of raw denim. We love it stiff and as it softens with wears. In fact, it is this changing over time that we find so beautiful in natural clothing. This fabric is a must for collectors of colorganic®.

INGREDIENTS: Deadstock Indigo Denim is woven In Japan (composed of, to the best of our knowledge as it is deadstock, colorganic®

® sepia cotton warp, organic USA-grown white cotton warp dyed with natural & low-impact indigo), deadstock thread

JOURNEY: Organically grown in the USA, spun, woven, and dyed in Japan and fairly sewn at a woman-owned factory in San Francisco, California

DESIGN: We sewed the tag into the top center of this hat so it doubles as a loop you can thread your favorite scarf through to serve as either sunshade or tie on a windy day.

SIZING: This hat is a bit oversized intentionally. Generally speaking, if you find your head to fit most hats, the medium is for you. Otherwise, size up or down accordingly. To compare with your favorite hat at home, brim measurements are given here:

SMALL: 22"


LARGE: 24"

CARE: To get the most life out of your garment and do what is best for the earth, machine washes cold & line dry. Because the only option to pre-shrink our fabric was a toxic chemical wash, we intentionally designed our clothes to shrink a bit during the first wash. Full details here. And don't worry - these are durable clothes that are easy to care for!