Northern California Climate Beneficial™ Large White Sheepskin 1591

Northern California Climate Beneficial™ Large White Sheepskin 1591

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Gorgeous, holistic, creamy white Wensleydale sheepskin. One of a kind. Great for the whole family. It's best to live with natural fibers versus synthetic and, as always, know where your fibers came from. We source from certified Fibershed producers here in Northern California from Sonoma County.

Easy cleaning, just blot with a towel if tea/wine/or coffee was spilled.

General care: these holistic hides require minimal maintenance and are essentially self-cleaning. Shake outside to clean, let the sun sanitize, and if you want to comb them, a dog comb is sufficient. 

weight: roughly 15 pounds

height: roughly 4ft

width: roughly 4.75 ft. 

All of our packing and shipping materials are either biodegradable (including our tape and shipping labels, which are fully compostable) or recyclable and repurposed from shipments we receive.

When you place your order, you'll receive a confirmation from us. We then begin processing your order and ship it out as fast as possible–– you'll receive an email with tracking information and most deliveries take 4 - 7 days, depending on which shipping carrier and option you choose. 

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