The Vegan Nourishing Balm
The Vegan Nourishing Balm

Summer Solace Tallow

The Vegan Nourishing Balm

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A natural plant-based and essential oil-free moisturizing balm made up of rich and creamy cacao butter blended with truly extra-virgin olive oil. Simple and sweet, The Vegan Balm is perfect for those with skin and scent sensitivities.

To use, rub into hands, face, hair, or anywhere else on the body in need of hydration.

Ingredients: Organic Peruvian raw fair-trade cacao (Theobroma cacao) butter, organic California-grown marigold (Calendula), Séka Hills extra-virgin olive oil, organic cold-pressed rose (Rosa) seed oil, and aster (Helichrysum) oil.

Jar contains 50 ml.