Solano County Lambskin C-989
Solano County Lambskin C-989
Solano County Lambskin C-989

Summer Solace Tallow

Solano County Lambskin C-989

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Luxurious and soft lambskins! Perfect for bare feet in the morning, on a cold chair or a hard bench, under the sheet in bed or in baby's crib, or in your car. Replace your old under-the-sleeping-bag-pad with a thick, warm lambskin the next time you go camping. Some people swear that these lambskins have medicinal properties - maybe it's just that snuggling into a soft, cozy lambskin is so comforting and relaxing. Lambskins make great wedding or baby gifts.

Grown and Tanned locally in Northern California.


COLOR: Light creme brulee color with shades of light brown and ginger tones.


WIDTH: 27"

FARMER: Robin Lynde- Meridian Jacobs

Soft cream-colored leather backing.

  • Lambskin tanned in South San Francisco using a process acceptable under California’s water quality standards.

  • Lambskin may be cleaned by vacuuming and shaking. Wool can be spot washed but leather should not be immersed in water.