Water-based Natural Perfumes Bundle

Summer Solace Tallow

Water-based Natural Perfumes Bundle

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Water-based Natural Perfumes collection:

A scent for every occasion, try all three of our slow-made water-based natural perfume mists.

Hiba Wood: Subtly spicy, earthy, and uplifting perfume – with rich organic jojoba oil and deodorizing, antimicrobial essential oil of Aomori Hiba wood with Gold Ormus.

Lavendula: Deeply calming and effectively cleansing floral lavender mist – with antibacterial colloidal silver, organic witch hazel, and organic lavender essential oil and pink, blue, and white lotus.

Jasmine Sambac: Sumptuously sweet and tropical – with rich, organic jojoba oil,  Arabian jasmine absolute, rose Ormus.