Summer Solace Tallow Brings New Life to Ancient Traditions with Regional, Tallow-Based Skincare

Summer Solace Tallow Brings New Life to Ancient Traditions with Regional, Tallow-Based Skincare

Oakland, California – Summer Solace Tallow, leader of the Slow Body Care Movement™, is radically revitalizing the traditional skincare practices of our ancestors with a unique Bay Area take. Slow-made, by hand, and in small batches with locally sourced, organic suet from Northern California pasture-raised cattle, owner and artisan Megan Bre Camp's line of holistically crafted skincare and home goods is leading the way to a regenerative, fully-traceable future in the realm of self-care.


As a woman of color with indigenous roots in both the Vietnamese highlands and Filipino countryside, Megan's connection to land and animals runs deep, and that intrinsic respect for the spirit of the Earth permeates the business in a palpable way. In her words, "It is a wise practice for sound health and nutrition to eat organic, seasonally, and regionally. What we put on our skin should be a reflection of our local environment – potent essential oils and nourishing fats from the plants and animals who sequester carbon from our atmosphere, grown and grazed on regenerative soil. It is so powerful to care for ourselves and our environment holistically in this way, just as our ancestors did."


Megan is as passionate about her sourcing as she is about quality skincare. All of the tallow used in Summer Solace's product line is personally rendered by her, slow cooked in copper vessels, and comes directly from organic suet harvested from Cattle pasture-raised by Stemple Creek, a Northern California ranch she has a strong personal relationship with. And it doesn't stop there – from the local and indigenous-owned Séka Hills' organic olive oil used throughout the line to the wild-harvested Mendocino bladderwrack seaweed, locally roasted coffee beans, and coastal California sea salt, Summer Solace proves that skincare can be made beyond sustainably.


Summer Solace's offerings include a series of deeply nourishing tallow balms, a variety of moisturizing low lather soaps, a pair of scented tallow salt scrubs, and a line of tasteful water-based perfume mists and artfully composed aromatherapeutic tallow-beeswax candles that smell truly divine.

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