Ancient Fat of the Future

Our Ingredients

Since 2014, Summer Solace Tallow serves as a guiding light in the realm of holistic skincare and candles, based in Oakland, California.

Inspired by the captivating landscape of Northern California and its regenerative, regional, and seasonal ingredients, our products lead the Slow Body Care Movement® by interweaving traditional techniques and intentions with profoundly divine botanical scents.

Welcome to our world of deeply nutrient-rich aromatherapy tallow balms, handcrafted artisanal soaps, soothing candles, and evocative natural perfumes.

Summer Solace & Our Regenerative Tallow®

Our Ethos

Every product is meticulously handcrafted. Our founder, deeply rooted in the indigenous traditions of the Central Highlands of Vietnam and the Philippines, and having grown up in Alaska, ensures that each item resonates with the essence of nature.

We proudly partner with the family-owned Stemple Creek Ranch in Tomales Bay, California, where their cattle roam freely, grazing on the lush grasslands and herbs dewed with spray from the Pacific ocean.

The suet fat from these cattle is slowly dry-rendered in-house, blended with organic, golden Calendula flower wax from Sonoma, and enriched with extra-virgin olive oil sourced from the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation of Seka Hills in Capay Valley. These exquisite ingredients form the foundation of our soaps, balms, and candles.

To complete our alchemical formulations, we incorporate a delicate bouquet of top-tier, organic botanical essential oils, resins, waxes, and absolutes. Each essence is carefully selected by environmentally conscious experts in archaeology, natural perfumery, and aromatherapy.

Committed to Reversing Climate Change

A Historical Note

Before modern skincare shifts, tallow was revered as a natural skin safeguard. Historical practices appreciated the nourishing properties of grass-fed animal fats, a tradition we're proud to continue.

Summer Solace Tallow - Northern California Climate Beneficial Sheepskins® - Climate Beneficial Goods

Regenerative Tallow® Benefits:

  • Pure: Mirrors our skin's composition for optimal absorption.
  • Nutrient Dense: Loaded with vital vitamins A, D, K, E, B12 and CLA.
  • Universal: Ideal for all skin types and ages.
  • Multipurpose: Suitable for hands, face, body, hair, and more.
  • Time-Tested: A sustainable, zero-waste skin protectant with centuries of proven efficacy.

 Our Partners & Ingredients

A trusted source for our regeneratively-raised suet.

Our prime source for hand-rendered leaf lard, where animal welfare takes precedence.

A tribal beacon for extra-virgin olive oil, deeply rooted in preservation and heritage.

Advocates for organic herb growers and wellness artisans.

Bay Area master beekeeper Khaled Almaghafi provides us with his sustainably harvested beeswax.

Globally sourced by experts for unparalleled quality.

Our Organic Tallow Absorbs Easily
Organic Tallow is Deeply moisturizing
Summer Solace Tallow is rich in essential fatty acids
Tallow Contains Vitamins A, D, K, E, & B12
Stays Fresh Naturally without Preservatives
Provides protection from environmental & elemental wear

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