Our Ingredients


Summer Solace Tallow is an artisan line of ethical and sustainable organic tallow balms, soaps, and candles handcrafted in Oakland, California with local regenerative ingredients from Northern California. 

We are actively reviving the nourishing traditions of using local grass-fed and pasture-raised animal fat to moisturize effectively and soothe skin irritations.

Our tallow-based products contain unique and harmonious blends of organic, wildcrafted Absolutes and energetic essential oils, organic Calendula flowers, native extra-virgin olive oil, and regional, nutrient-dense tallow which we render and combine in small batches.


Summer Solace Tallow renders suet (which is the fat from the inside cavity of the cow, closest to the loins and the kidneys) from grass-fed Cattle raised on 100% certified organic pasture lands just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean at Stemple Creek Ranch in Tomales Bay, California.

The ranch is less than 150 miles from the San Francisco Bay Area and is a family-owned farm. Our rendered suet fat yields buttery soft tallow with a pleasant and mild scent that we infuse with organic, whole Calendula flowers grown in Sonoma county, then blend with local extra-virgin olive oil from Seka Hills grown on Native American land by the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation in Capay Valley, California. 

We use the highest grade of organic essential oils and wildcrafted absolutes in our product line from Ecologically responsible natural perfumers in California.

Tallow was commonly used as a sustainable, regenerating skin protectant before the introduction of Petrochemicals. Our wise ancestors knew the value and health benefits of using grass-fed animal fats in their diets and topically to protect and heal against the environmental elements. 

Our regenerative tallow™ fat is:

  • Natural, just like our skin. It is readily absorbable. 

  • Rich in fat-soluble vitamins and minerals A, D, K, E, and B12.

  • Safe for all skin types: babies, children, and adults. 

  • Effective for hands, face, body, and hair, or anywhere you want to moisturize. 

  • Deeply nourishing, a sustainable, zero-waste regenerating skin protectant whose use goes back centuries.