How should I store my tallow soap?

The best method for storing artisanal soaps is to keep it on a raised soap dish and allow it to dry in-between uses.

 How long do tallow products last?

Our organic tallow is incredibly high-quality and shelf stable. It does not go rancid. Just like any food product, it's best to use your tallow balm or soap as fresh as possible. We suggest within about 6 months.  

Is tallow safe for me to use on my face? Is it safe for children?

Yes. Tallow is a very gentle, nourishing, and healing fat for nearly all skin types, including more sensitive areas such as the face. It is the original moisturizer, and as its makeup is very similar to that of our own skin, it is very easily absorbed into the human body.

Additionally, organic tallow from pasture-raised cows is super nutrient-dense in vitamins A, D, K, E, and B12. Its ability to heal skin irritations, especially eczema and diaper rash, is incredible. We recommend using tallow as a healthy alternative to commercial petroleum or synthetic chemical-based creams.

 Do I need to cut the wick of my tallow candle?

Summer Solace's natural tallow-beeswax candles are radically different from commercial candles. Our candles are what we like to call 'living candles,' and you can trim the wick as needed. Our wicks burn clean and are entirely lead-free.

When ready to use, light your tallow candle and burn for a minimum of 4 hours. Make sure you create an even pool of melted wax before extinguishing your candle.