Tallow Balm for Everyone in the Family

Tallow Balm for Everyone in the Family - Summer Solace Tallow

Tallow balm for newborns, the elderly, and those with sensitive skin


One of the primary benefits of regeneratively-raised, regional suet tallow, and a massive part of why we love it so much, is that it is one of the most skin-safe products you can use. Whether applying to sweet skin folds on your newborn, a surprise rash on your toddler, or your elderly parent's dry hands, tallow's naturally gentle properties will help soothe the skin in ways no other moisturizer can.



The short answer is saturated fat, though it could be more complex. Of all fats, both animal and plant-derived, its tallow is most similar in fat composition to sebum, the oily layer that helps protect and preserve healthy human skin. The ratios work out just right so that tallow is the most nutritionally potent natural moisturizer on the planet. Its naturally occurring vitamin, mineral, and micronutrient content lend it antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidizing properties, all supporting vibrant, healthy skin, no matter who you are.



tallow balm




A handcrafted formula for everyone


While regenerative fat is at the heart of what we do at Summer Solace, we are equally passionate about handcrafting unique scent blends with a range of profiles designed to meet a broad spectrum of scent preferences and therapeutic needs. When creating a scent, we carefully consider the aromatic and medicinal components, as each herb, flower, or fruit contributes specific ameliorative properties.

For your little ones, we make Baby Soft, an extra gentle formula combining suet tallow plus pastured lard with a touch of Bulgarian lavender known for its soothing properties. For those dealing with PMS, menstrual cramping, or menopause, we make Sacred Scents, which contains a grounding and balancing blend of essential oils derived from plants traditionally used by women to aid with hormonal fluctuations.
For hearty folks that prefer more potent aromatics, we make the Chef & Gardeners Blend, a powerhouse of a balm featuring the essential oils of the Australian tea tree, French juniper, and rosemary. We also recognize that scent preferences are individual, so we have always offered a Pure Tallow Balm so folks can craft their scent blends at home or use their unscented balm.





Natural scents extracted from plants, not synthesized in a lab.


Just as we take extra care to source exclusively regenerative, grass-fed tallow to avoid any synthetic pesticides that store themselves in the fat of conventionally raised cattle, all of our essential oils and absolutes are organically grown and sustainably sourced for similar reasons. The source of the fragrances of our lives is not a hot topic, but we believe in knowing where things come from, and that knowledge is power.

Most of the fragrances found in the home and body care products are not disclosed on the ingredient lists, and it's for a reason. Nearly every scented product on your average grocery or beauty store shelf is made to smell the way it does through petrochemicals – not something that looks or sounds good to most label-reading consumers. These artificial scents have numerous adverse health effects, causing everything from migraines to breathing impairment, and the companies purveying them are not being held accountable for the damage they're creating.

At Summer Solace, we take your and your family's well-being seriously. When it comes to scents, every ingredient is always listed. Because we exclusively use the highest quality organic plant-based scents available, we have nothing to hide. We believe it is your right to know what you put on your or your loved ones' bodies, and we understand that everyone has different levels of sensitivity, so we offer options. Wellness is for everyone.

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