Lavendula Water-Based Perfume
Lavendula Water-Based Perfume

Summer Solace Tallow

Lavendula Water-Based Perfume

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A winning combination, scent the body and purify the air with this lavender and colloidal silver water-based perfume. Deeply calming and effectively cleansing, aromatherapeutic Lavandula has natural antibacterial and immune-supporting properties.

This slow-made perfume mist is hand-crafted with solar-infused reverse osmosis water, organic American jojoba oil, Sovereign Silver bio-active silver hydrosol, and Bulgarian-grown lavender essential oil.

Spray on hands, body, linens, or anywhere else a deep reset is needed.

Ingredients: pH balanced water, organic American Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana), Sovereign Silver bio-active silver hydrosol, organic Bulgarian-grown lavender (Lavandula) essential oil.

Bottle contains 4 oz.